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Fernando's practice is mainly based on working with groups and experiencing the different art forms through collaborations.

Check below for some of his productions with other music groups, theatre companies and artists from different backgrounds.

Babado de Chita

Music, Dance and Theatre group that creates their repertoire inspired by Brazilian Tradional Culture

Jackdaw Theatre Company

Harlesden High Street

Tara Arts - 2013

Dance Piece for Bath Festival
Magali Charrier

Bath Festival


Tangled Feet Theatre Company

Festival of the Dead

Battersea Arts Centre - 2011


Brazilian Folk Music group based in the UK

Flamingo Feather Theatre Company


Chisenhale Dance Space - 2011

Estúrdio Quarteto

Songs inspired by the work of the Brazilian author João Guimarães Rosa, its landscape and characters.

LightBox are a live performance, cross-arts trio specialising in the collaborative relationship between visual and sonic art.

Tam Lin (Theatre)
Kirstin Smith

The Wilding Festival

Bloomsbury St George's - 2013

Joy to Filth Ratio

A collective performing acoustic virtuosic dance music with classical roots.

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