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Creative Voices / Vozes Criativas


Anglo-Brazilian Exchange Promoting a New Musical Language through Education

16th January 2012 – 22nd January 2012

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fernando Machado: Project Manager and Creative Director

Espaço Musical, Principal – Ricardo Breim


Two vibrantly contrasting cultures, Brazil and the UK have so much to offer each other. The Creative Voices project is about bringing British and Brazilian music workshop leaders and teachers together, promoting a cultural exchange and learning experience which is mutually beneficial to both nationalities. Aiding creative and professional development, this exchange will have a long term impact on future music projects that Soundcastle and Espaço Musical are directing within their respective communities.  Creative Voices is designed to enable two distinct musical and educational cultures to harmonise and invigorate each other’s leading styles, bringing a renewed energy to their respective communities.

The 2012 project ran in three strands:

1. Anglo Voices: Education Project

A five-day school project and performance with twenty students and teachers from Espaço Musical led by Fernando Machado and Soundcastle.

2. Anglo-Brazilian Teachers: Creative Collaboration

The collaborative creation and performance of a new, original piece  of music between Soundcastle and Espaço Musical teachers to celebrate a musical union between our two cultures.

3. Brazilian Voices: Cultural Exchange

An artistic, cultural and professional exchange between Fernando Machado, Soundcastle, Espaço Musical and visiting Brazilian workshop leaders/teachers. It consisted of a series of workshops in Brazilian musical traditions led by guest musicians and dancers with specific experience in working in community contexts.

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With Barbatuques (Body Percussion), Babado de Chita (Traditional Dance) and Ari Colares (Brazilian Percussion)

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